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Free horse races in a different settings – and it’s free!

Welcome to an exceptional location: a temporary hippodrome on the beach, in a field or in the city. Discover the world of horseracing. Horses from the best stables in Belgium will be at the start of ‘short track trotting competitions’. These are a series of fast, professional races at the trot – faster than the walk, but slower than the canter. The horses sprint from 220 metres to 280 metres, in pairs, along a straight line. They are not ridden, but spurred on by the colourful drivers on their light carts (sulky’s) behind the horse.


For each event, a temporary hippodrome is created in unique locations such as the beach, a meadow or in the heart of the town.


The horse races are part of the official competition program, supported by the Belgian Federation of Horse Racing.


For the general public, the Pop-Hippodrome is a unique opportunity to experience the excitement and passion surrounding horse racing. According to tradition, visitors will be able to bet at bookmakers, or ‘bookies’. They have historically always been present along a racecourse. They can therefore not be missed on the beach of De Haan! We imagine that with your bet of 2 or 5 euros you will suddenly find the race between Fleming Casindra and Victorius Lord very exciting?